December 07, 2020 2 min read

It's just how life works. You get hurt, but relief is not there when you need it? Whether it's a sprain or sore muscles from a workout, locating an ice or heat pack can be a challenge if you're not home. That's where Re-up Recovery convenient roll-on and deep tissue cream can help. It's a pain-relieving analgesic that provides the same effect as ice or an anti-inflammatory in a convenient portable form.


Re-up Recovery is useful for treating sprains and sore muscles and arthritis, and other types of joint pains. It comes in a Deep Tissues Cream or a convenient Roll-On. Its active ingredient is menthol (from the mint family of plants), which causes your brain to interpret the nerve signals being sent as a sensation of cold, triggering a reduction in inflammation.



The excuse of being too sore to train is no longer valid. Designed to shake that old annoying pain to prepare your muscles for activity, this convenient roll-on is a swift kick to the senses. It contains menthol that stimulates the nerves and increases blood flow to the affected area. Our fast-acting temporary pain relief formula allows you to overcome those mental barriers and put in that work.



Recovery is designed for post-workout and to aid with general aches and pains. This cream feels like an icepack on your skin and has the recovery benefits of an anti-inflammatory supplement. Our unique transdermal formula penetrates through the skin layer and exerts the effects of our key ingredients on deeper and more distant tissues. Recovery supports the muscle by helping it relax and recover by reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation.


Besides menthol, the Re-up formula contains other herbal ingredients, including Methyl Salicylate, Magnesium, Eucalyptus, Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Celluforce, Arnica Montana. These natural ingredients have been used for centuries to treat tissue injuries such as bruises, sprains, and strains. Camphor, another ingredient in our formula, has both numbing and antiseptic properties.


How do you use Re-up Recovery?


You can massage Re-up Recovery deep tissue cream into your skin (or apply it with the prepare roll-on) up to four times a day. It can also be useful for any therapy, such as chiropractic care or physical therapy. When applied ahead of time, Re-up products can help relieve the pain that would have interfered with you getting the most out of your treatment.