March 22, 2021 2 min read

My name is Emerson Murray, and I am a former professional basketball player and now a basketball and skills trainer. Recovery....something every athlete knows all too well. In my days as a division 1 basketball player as well as professional I learned what recovery really meant. Recovery in my journey stemmed more then just icing your ankle or resting before game day, but instead consisted of making sure not just my body but my mind was ready for whatever was coming next. In high school I shattered my ankle and needed 2 surgeries from that injury, that injury led to a lot of other injuries due to myself over compensating and not fully being aware of my body. 

As I grew older and truly learned to listen to my body and start to understand the limits things got easier. However it took plenty of trial and error to understand what that entailed. Playing a team sport, it does not leave you with a ton of individuality in regards to how you practice, but what it does do is give you the discipline to make sure that you understand your body before and after practice in order to achieve your maximum potential. Going through the injuries I have gone through has given me a new love and respect for sport as my experiences can help someone after me. Because of my injuries I have been able to help numerous players prehab so they do not endure some of the things I could have avoided with injuries. One of the things I truly recommend is RE-UP. Using that not only too warm up but also to recover with the recovery agents that are inside of it, I feel a world of difference every time. It’s a blessing to be able to work with a brand that truly has the athletes best intentions as their agenda. It shows in the ingredients and shows in the relationships they have with the customers.