August 12, 2021 2 min read


Around 2010 I had a setback that changed my life. Fast forwarding to now I can look back at it and see that it was a crucial and beneficial time as far as my life path goes and the growth I experienced.

It was a day just like any other.. skateboarding at the plaza downtown Vancouver and at the time I was in my prime. I wasn’t doing anything speciaL or hard really but my foot had slipper over the front of my board and my ankle rolled the worst it ever had. It got to a point where I felt comfortable skating again but I guess it was still too weak and by jumping the gun I jarred my ankle trying a trick that caused some ligament between the ankle bone and heel to tear.

This injuring stops you from any mobility up or down with your foot because of scar tissue so it might as well be a pirate peg leg and at that time skateboarding being everything to me I tried to push through the pain and immobility and kept skating thinking physio wouldn’t help and hearing that a surgery wouldn’t help either. It was really hard for me and everyone around me to see me not perform like I used to.. and luckily for me I didn’t fall into any bad habits with substance abuse during that mentally draining time.

It put a lot of things into perspective for me and gave me a better idea of where my life path was headed. I knew it wasn’t everything anymore so I started working on my finances a bit more and felt that because I had nothing to lose I would try intense physio to prove to myself I could get back to a point where I felt worthy of keeping my pro board and if not.. then at least I had these other things on the go.

After about 3 months of intense rehab I could see the progress in mobility and strength in my ankle and I started skateboarding again at a level where I was learning new tricks…and at the same time working on a career path or life path in art which I had kept up on since I was a kid.

Now 10+ years later I’m able to skate everyday and have managed to achieve 5 years of tattooing. It was an extremely humbling situation and made me appreciate life a lot more.. it made me take care of my body better and it pushed me out of my bubble.

I had tunnel vision on skateboarding and I think alot of people can get stuck thinking how I did.. that they won’t be happy again without their “thing”…But I can say from experience that you will find that passion again 100 times over and you may look back at those hard times realizing they may have done you some good in the long run.. setting you up for something even better.