November 06, 2020 1 min read

Chances are you've seen those beer commercials with a group of athletes slugging back some brews after a tough training session. Sound familiar? Either way, you've no doubt noticed that, for some people, beer had become more than a go-to for their Superbowl party. It's become a post-workout tradition. 

Where Did This Come From? 

Experts argue that beer provides carbs and electrolytes. Both of which get depleted during prolonged or intense exercise sessions. Others say that the social aspect of hitting the bar with friends for a celebratory beer may be a great way to encourage regular exercise. So drinking a post-workout frosty like getting social and nutritional benefits in one bottle, right?

What The Scientist Say

Yes, it's true that beer provides some electrolytes, carbs. However, your favourite brew contains the electrolyte potassium, and you don't lose much of that during exercise. Therefore, our dreams of living the best of both worlds are crushed.

What We Say

We do respect the science and the recovery process. We say why not. Like our product, beer after a long excruciating work out should be consumed among friends. It's not the beer that should be consumed but the social recovery aspect that comes with it. The camaraderie of a celebration with the ones you suffered with. So if you were to ask us. We're On!