November 06, 2020 2 min read

Are you worried about getting injured? Here at Re-Up, we are all about recovery. That said, we also hate to see you get injured. We want to make you stronger and more resilient to prevent future injuries. 

What Is Prehab

Prehabis about being proactive when it comes to injury prevention. It is a form of sports-specific exercises and techniques to train your body to help prevent injuries. Sometimes, these prehab exercises are even focused on individual athletes' imbalances or weaknesses. 

Warm Up And Cool Down Routine

You might be eager to leap into your exercise routine and get on with the day — but don't dive in. A proper warm-up and cool-down routine play a critical role in injury prevention. This is an opportunity to integrate exercises and movements to prepare your body for activity. A great example isRunning ABCsbefore a workout or race. This routine helps to train your muscle for the repetitive movements of running. As well as create mobility required for a proper stride in your hips. 

Injury proof your hips with thesemobility exercises.

Self-Myofascial Release 

Lastly, any good prehab regime will contain 5-10 minutes ofself-myofascial release. Massaging yourself might seem as useless as trying to tickle yourself. But if there is a good reason for rubbing your own muscles, it's muscle "knots" or trigger points. These are Sore spots associated with aching and stiffness. Which may be a cause and/or complication of almost anything else that hurts. They may especially be a major factor in low back pain and neck pain. Self-Myofascial Release improves circulation, relaxes the muscles and hips to improve mobility.